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On MAX go to the More button on the bottom right, click on Settings, Display and change Panels to OFF and exit the settings. After every call you get in Simple Script you will need to close (X out) the window just as we do for Allegiance scripts after the donation has been completed. Simple Pledge should NOT be X'd out. Doing so will result in no scripts populating for calls.

System maintenance / cleaning / reboots are recommended to be done daily. When cleaning, all windows / applications need to be closed for it to be effective. Once the cleaning has been completed -

• Install a fresh copy of Adobe Flash - Windows 10 and the PPAPI version for Chromium - set to Ask First in browser Site Permissions settings
• Please make sure Java updates are current, installed and set to Allowed
• Check your System Time settings to ensure it is set to your local time zone and set to auto sync - right click on time/date on task bar and select Adjust Date/Time

Review browser settings with the upper right corner 3 dots button in the upper right corner, go down to Settings.

• Check to make sure your browser is current on updates
• Check to make sure that All Cookies are allowed is selected (toggle / radio button will be blue)
• Clear cookies and site data when you quit the browser setting - recommended to be ON
• Check to make sure that Pop Ups are set to Allowed
• Check the individual settings for Cookies, Java, Flash, and Pop Ups and redirects to make sure there are no URLs in the "blocked" area. If there are any that are ACDD applications they need to be removed.
• On the left side menu, under Advanced click on System and then turn off Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed (toggle button should be white)
• Reboot your system and modem

Log back in to try again.

Please provide a screenshot o and cc of the browser window so we can see what you are getting if you are still having issues. Please provide a FULL SCREEN SNIP of the entire screen and not a cropped version. The client will need to view the entire screen so make sure everything else non-client related is closed to include social media, other client information or tabs, web browsing etc. You should not have any of these or other tabs open while working within the client portal, dashboard or platforms to begin with as this allows breaches in security. 

If you are unsure on how to create a snip of your screen please view this tutorial. You can also google it to gain further assistance. Click to View Tutorial

Support Suite Access has been updated.

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