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For an Incomplete button in the middle of the page - this is a Flash issue. To correct it, click on the padlock icon right before the start of the URL and set Flash to Allow - it will ask you if you would like to reload the page once it's turned on to Allow.

For an Incomplete button when you reach the end of the assessment, look below the summary and click the incomplete button. If the incomplete button does not show that you are missing anything, click the option to force completion in the pop-up message that comes up when you click the incomplete button.


• Reboot your system and modem and log back in to try again.

If it still doesn't update please provide a screenshot of the passing course assessment and the client can adjust it for you.

Please provide a screenshot to and cc of the browser window so we can see what you are getting if you are still having issues. Please provide a FULL SCREEN SNIP of the entire screen and not a cropped version. The client will need to view the entire screen so make sure everything else non-client related is closed to include social media, other client information or tabs, web browsing etc. You should not have any of these or other tabs open while working within the client portal, dashboard or platforms to begin with as this allows breaches in security. 

If you are unsure on how to create a snip of your screen please view this tutorial. You can also google it to gain further assistance. Click to View Tutorial

Incomplete Error Message during

(passed) Certification Modules 

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