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Image by Andrijana Bozic

Welcome  to  the  AFC  Coffee  Corner

Welcome to our coffee corner where you will be able to login to each portal specifically personalized just for YOU! Don't forget to bring a cup of coffee & get ready to find a plethora of useful information for every client opportunity listed within AFC.


Once registered as an independent contractor with AFC you will be sent a personalized login password that correlates to the specific opportunity you are enrolled into. Information is updated as changes occur so be confident that you will remain up-to-date and in control. 

As always, our independent contractor's success is our #1 goal. Should you search our portals and not find the information you are looking for please do not hesitate to reach out via email or schedule a 1 on 1 session. 

Still   have  questions?   Reach  out   today!

Not   yet   a   member?

No worries! Send us a member request for your customized login credentials to view even more amazing resources!

By registering on our website portal, you are not registering for specific client opportunities. Being a member means you can view additional information within our company but not always our partner companies. 

To view open opportunities for our AVS client you will need to follow the instructions provided on our getting started page once you have expressed interest in one of the opportunities listed within the Enroll Now tab. 

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